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Accidents happen and cars can be fixed. Our goal is to make this experience as stress free as possible. Completing all repair work in a timely and safe manner is just part of the Dynamic Collision experience.

Our mission is simple, take care of our customers.

Dynamic Collision Services is Baltimore’s Body Shop

Accidents happen and cars can be fixed. Our goal is to make this experience as stress free as possible. Completing all repair work in a timely and safe manner is just part of the Dynamic Collision experience. What matters most is getting you back on the road as if nothing even happened. We’re confident in our work. That’s why we back all of our repair work with a written lifetime warranty.

I had the best experience with this company. The staff is very friendly and you can tell they enjoy their job based off of how they treat you. Not only did they make my car look brand new, they even detailed it for me. Ahmed was so helpful and considerate. He offered to take my child's car seat out form the rental, to put back in my care.... Now that's a gentleman.

Arbutus, MD

Great customer service. Excellent communication. The work they did completely exceeded my expectations. Awesome company. I would definitely recommend them for any bodywork or insurance claims.

Baltimore, MD

My wife and I were rear-ended pretty food - which resulted in a lot of internal damage to our car. Dynamic Collision Services took care of the repair work for us. You'd never know the car was hit. They matched the paint, flawlessly! The body lines are perfect. You can tell they care about their results and I greatly appreciate that. Beyond excellent repair work, they were in contact with me consistently to let me know how things were going throughout the entire repair. Great job guys and thank you for everything!

Elkton, MD

The guy I worked with (Danny) was very personable and kept me updated via email (my preference) every step of the way!

Baltimore, MD

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We’ll take a look and provide you with an initial estimate at no cost. We handle the claim process for you and work with any insurance company to ensure your vehicle is repaired properly and returned to you in a timely manner.

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Stay safe out there

In the state of Maryland, on weekdays between 5 a.m.- 7 p.m., 60% of motor vehicle injuries and 44% of fatalities occur. (As per www.MillerandZois.com & IIHS). We’ve displayed some statistics below.

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of crashes due to inclement weather


If you’ve been in an auto accident or have damage to your vehicle, the last thing you need is more stress. We’re here to handle your repairs in a timely and professional manner and get your car restored to its previous condition as quickly as possible. Dynamic Collision Center offers 24-hour towing services, so you are never stranded in the event of an accident. We’ll help get you into a rental car and back on the road!
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  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • We handle your claims for you
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Aluminum doesn't have metal memory like steel, and also reacts to heat very differently. This means that when aluminum is dented or bent, it cannot be reshaped back to its undamaged state as easily as steel. A technician needs better skills to reshape an aluminum panel without damaging it beyond repair. Most modern vehicles have aluminum panels that require this unique repair certification.


Commonly used for hail damage and other instances. This is a less invasive dent removal technique. Paintless dent repair works with the flexibility of original factory paint to restore a vehicle to its factory finish. During the repair process, our technicians will carefully remove the dent from your vehicle without the use of excessive heat to relieve the vehicle of the dent without affecting the paint, making for an often times less expensive repair while decreasing turnaround time.


Your windshield is actually two sheets of glass, held together by an inner layer of polyvinyl butyrate, supporting up to 70% of the vehicle's weight in a rollover accident. Stone chips and cracks severely compromise the structure of the windshield, posing a serious safety risk in the event of an accident. Most vehicle manufacturers recommend replacing the windshield when a chip or crack appears in a line of sight; particularly with high technology vehicles that use accident avoidance technology.


Frame straightening is the process of aligning metal back into its original shape. Using sonar technology Dynamic Collision Services will be able to determine to the exact degree of the frames damage and integrity. Allowing the technician to determine if a frame can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced.


Paint chips, scratches, and dings can happen anywhere. Beginning with a clean surface, the technician at Dynamic Collision Services preps, primes, and paints the affected area using a state-of-the-art computerized color-matching system. Finishing off with a final buff and polish, as well as a written lifetime warranty.


Dent removal occurs in a repair when a dent is too deep to extract, traditional dent repair is an excellent choice. In most cases, Dynamic Collision Services will remove the body panels, taillights, and interior panels as needed to reach the underside of the dent.


The bumper is designed to protect the vehicle’s structure by absorbing the impact in the event of an accident. Trust your bumper repair to Dynamic Collision Services. Many bumpers can be repaired to their factory finish, allowing accurate blending of paint in the repair process.


Add accents or change the color of your car with 3M™ Wrap Film, keep your interiors cool and prevent fading with 3M™ Window Film, and protect the paint of your new car with 3M™ Paint Protection Films. Protect your car and stylize it in the vehicle wrap and window tint of your dreams.


Dynamic Collision Services is offering a special on detailing and ozone treatment for your vehicle! First we will detail your car inside and out. Then we implement an ozone shock treatment and apply a disinfectant. This will send pure ozone (O3) deep into every crevice (including your air vents) destroying these compounds that could not be washed away.