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Accidents happen and cars can be fixed. Our goal is to make this experience as stress free as possible. Completing all repair work in a timely and safe manner is just part of the Dynamic Collision experience.

Luxury Vinyl Wrapping

Dynamic Collision Services is proud to be a preferred 3M wrap installer. Trust the experts to do the job right. We’re driven by our passion and creativity to bring you the very best in quality! 

We prioritize the details to ensure a long lasting and supior installation. We love to turn heads and we are passionate about beautiful results.

Due to the custom nature of vinyl wraps, we will schedule a free in-person consultation to discuss materials and designs when you request a quote. 

Be sure are check out full PPF wraps, STEALTH, and fashion Paint Protections Films that we offer as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the wrap damage the finish of my car?

Removal within the wraps warranty period is very unlikely to cause any damage. Areas that have been covered by the wrap material may in fact appear more vibrant and glossier having been protected from the elements by the wrap.

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How do I clean my wrap?

Wash the vehicle by hand using a mild detergent with no additives such as wax. Take it through a brushless car wash, but don't use the wax option. Dry thoroughly to avoid spotting.

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Is it durable?

Yes. Our wrapping materials are made and tested to withstand the elements. You can help protect the beauty and life of your wrap by storing your vehicle inside when possible, and regular and thorough cleaning.

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How long will it last?

3M Wrap Film generally has a 7-year expected outdoor performance with a 3 year vertical and 1 year horizontal warranty period. For Gloss Silver Chrome – the expected performance is 1 year applied to a flat vertical, vehicle surface. See Product Bulletin for tips on extending the life.

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Will my insurance company work with Dynamic Collision Services?

Dynamic Collision Services works with all insurance carriers. In fact, Dynamic Collision Services has great relationships with national insurers and we’ll stay in contact with your insurance company throughout the repair process. In the state of Maryland you have the right to have your vehicle repaired at any collision center

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How long will the repair take?

The repair time will depend on the extent of the vehicle damage. Once the shop receives the authorization to repair the vehicle, they will produce an auto repair estimate and contact you within 24-48 hours to discuss it with you.

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