We Work With ALL Insurance Providers!

When you bring your car to Dynamic Collision Services for repair after a car accident, we will work with the insurance company you bring with it, no matter which provider you have. Whether it is your insurance provider or the other driver’s, we will handle getting your rental car set up as well as the negotiations on your behalf; all while getting your car back on the road. 

Let Dynamic Handle The Hassle

When you’ve been involved in an accident, you have enough on your mind. The last thing you need is the hassle of negotiating with insurance providers. At Dynamic Collision Services, we make that easier. After you make the initial claim with your insurance, you can drop your vehicle off at our body shop, and we will handle all the insurance paperwork for you. As we work to get your car back to normal, we will also work with the insurance provider to ensure a complete and accurate estimate to work from, so you can focus on YOU. We will take care of your vehicle and the insurance headaches. 

Dynamic Collision Services Serves You! 

At Dynamic Collision Services, working with the insurance company is part of our service to you. Sometimes, we discover hidden damages once we have begun the repairs on your vehicle. We photograph and document these damages, and use the documentation to work with the insurance company to change the original estimate. Our experience working with insurance providers helps us to quickly negotiate for the necessary changes and get back to repairing your vehicle.